Red's All Natural: Burritos & Quesadillas

As a clean eater, I’m always on the lookout for new products and high grade natural/organic ingredients. In particular, anything that is prepped and ready to eat. It takes such a load off my shoulders. Cooking natural from scratch 24/7 while running a business, returning to college, and looking after a set of wily twin boys, is not always convenient.

I know there are a ton of health conscious busy bodies out there that have similar obligations tearing them in every direction. So back to the subject of convenience...

I recently had the opportunity to discover >>>RED'S products. Completely awesome! They make a selection of all natural, hormone and antibiotic free, non-GMO, preservative free… just good old 100% natural burritos and quesadillas. I am so, so glad to have found them.

Red's now has a permanent place on my shopping list. It’s so nice to have a natural option, especially since my husband is a complete burrito and quesadilla hound. That’s just one more every day purchased product we can replace with a natural clean eating alternative.

My absolute favorite new lunchtime combination, is using the 5 ounce snack size burritos. Sitting at just 250-280 calories a piece, I can heat one up and eat it with a large Spanish style salad on the side {large plate of baby spinach topped with tomato slices, avocado slices, a big squeeze of fresh lime and a dash of salt – thank you Blanca for that awesome recipe!}. I can get my full days veggies in with my hearty and filling burrito, all while watching my waistline.


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