Thanksgiving Dinner

Now that November’s hit, I’m already talking Thanksgiving dinner menu. I started asking hubby about my plans, and he looked at me crooked. I simply said “Hey! It’s only like 3 weeks away!” I get excited!!
I love making something semi-complicated, but completely low key. It’s no longer a day for me to try and eat everything humanly possible, but rather a day to eat the perfect amount of something insanely special, that I can share with family and friends.
This year I am planning to clean up this turkey meatball recipe, that's pictured above. It looks incredible! It’s totally Thanksgiving on a plate. I’m going to switch little things, like whole wheat bread crumbs for panko, figure out some replacement for white flour in the gravy, maybe coconut oil for butter, yucca or squash/zucchini for potato, etc…
Then I’m going to pair it with a cleaned up green bean casserole and some type of clean eating pie. This past week I’ve been diving into pumpkin and sweet potato… so the only thing left might be apple? I can’t wait to see how everything turns out!

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