White Castle

I was sort of bad - okay! Really bad, on my recent mini-vacation to Tennessee. It can be difficult to eat completely clean when on a trip out of a person’s usual zone. The most startling thing to happen, was walking into a gas station hoping to lock eyes on at least some cheese sticks, and finding NOTHING but junk food. I’m not joking. The place was wall to wall soda, chips and candy. There wasn’t even one fresh choice in the entire place.

Even though I felt a bit stuck and irritated, I did get to have fun with some of my naughtier food choices. Like going to White Castle! Ever since I found out about them on Food Network over a decade ago, I’ve been obsessed. I had no idea there was one only 2 hours away from our home here in Kansas City, MO. So my last farewell vacation bad food binge was at White Castle. I just LOVE those little burgers!


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