We bought and had our first 1/2 cord of premium oak firewood delivered last week. I could not be happier! We burn a lot. Our home isn’t cold at all. We actually have a really huge heavy duty new AC and heat unit. It’s nice to burn though. It heats everything up and cuts down on the electric bill.

I ordered a little late in the season. Next year I’ll be sure to pick up a full cord during the summer. We used All Oak & Custom Firewood. They were an incredibly nice family. I love supporting family owned companies, especially because we have our little family owned brand. They were so cool they fit us in the weekend I ordered even though they were swamped.

Going down my checklist, we’re definitely mid-west now! Cowgirl boots, check! Firewood delivery, check! I haven't broken down for a cowgirl hat yet.  Don't know if that one will ever catch on. I just love it out here!


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