It’s started already…

The snow! We really did get tricked our first year here in Missouri. Winter 2011 was semi-cold, really not that bad. It rained a lot and we had a few light brushes of snow. We were scared because we heard of all the ice storms and extremely cold weather. We were expecting Antarctica. When it was really mild we thought that was it and we heard wrong.

We really ate it last year. It snowed for a couple of months. We had to shovel the driveway many times throughout the week. We weren’t stocked up on anything. We didn’t have firewood, a snow shovel or driveway salt. Last year we learned our lesson.

So this year started already. Last Wednesday we had light now that immediately turned into a scary sheet of ice. I slid into traffic in the morning and into someone’s yard later that same morning. It was insane. But we’re on it! The second I got home I shoveled my driveway and laid out salt. We’re crazy stocked up on firewood. I had delivery come out and stock us up.

We woke to the snow rolling through this morning. We’re ready to stay in, eat good food, be warm and enjoy being stuck inside. Oh yeah, and every morning I woke up last week it was only between 1 and 4 degrees! I thought my weather bug was broken. I’ve never seen a 1 before. I’m pretty sure this year I might see my first -1. That will be crazy.


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