11 degrees and below!

>>> the ice on our main roads <<<

Yesterday was the first winter weather that actually scared me a bit. We were hit over the weekend with a crazy third or fourth snow of the season. We weren’t expected to get much but ended up with a band that brought in 4-6 inches on top of the snow and ice we already had from earlier in the week.

Then the freezing weather came in. I have never been so cold in my life! I feel so bad because we were hit with temps ranging in the -15 area with a wind chill of -25 during the day. That’s scary enough, but very close to us they were experiencing temperatures below -40. It was the first time that pumping gas and loading groceries into the car made my hands and face completely numb within a minute.

>>> the first time I've ever seen igloos in a weather forecast <<<

The scariest part is that we woke up to a frozen or broken heat pump. I’m so glad I noticed how cold the room was because this is the type of weather where we could have frozen in our sleep. Thank goodness for emergency heat, fireplaces and stocked up wood! I hope everyone caught in this weather is staying warm and don’t forget to use that emergency heat if you have issues and remember your fireplace safety! Never burn anything but wood and fire starters or you could end up with a clogged chimney cap or flume fire. Stay warm, stay safe.


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