and Christmas keeps coming…

Over the weekend we headed to our favorite shopping center, Legends. The grandparents had sent some gift cards for the kids to pick out new things. Of course we hit Carter’s first. The boys picked out about a dozen pajamas they loved. We were in there forever! The kids and Jaime officially shop longer than I do.

Then we hit up Toys “R” Us and the kids picked out a train set. It’s there new favorite thing. I didn’t realize they would love trains so much. So now hubby and kids are getting into it. They have been redesigning the tracks so that they stretch all over the house. I don’t mind because they actually stay together. I completely expected track pieces all over the house, but they respect how they are supposed to be used.

Now the boys [dad included] have been planning other shopping outings to pick up bridges, mountains to go over and through, abandoned buildings, etc… Surprisingly they come with a ton of add on accessories. I see why people get so into them now.


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