New Year 2014

Happy New Year!! This new year’s eve was so much fun. We still don’t go out because I hate leaving the kids for so long, but we did make the best of it this time around. I surprised Jaime with a bottle of 2004 Dom Perignon. It was a surprise belated Christmas gift. I didn’t want to give it earlier because I knew it would never make it to New Years.

Vintage 2004 was special for me because that was the first New Year’s we knew each other, back in 2004. It was a fantastic special occasion champagne. I can't wait to purchase again! For more of your everyday champagne, the Laurent-Perrier Demi-Sec was amazing. I was really impressed and the price was spot on. I’ll be keeping that one in stock! I made a fun crawfish boil complete with andouille and small potatoes. We whipped out a party kit full of noise makers, hats and décor and some party poppers. The kids had so much fun.

Once again, I didn’t make any resolutions. I’m more of a Monday gal. New Year’s falling in the middle of the week is too odd for me. Any goals I set are for first Monday 2014. I’m still enjoying my vacation! There really isn’t too much I want to change so I focus on setting realistic goals for the year. Things along the lines of what I’d like to look like for summer [tan/toned], growing out my hair and business goals. I keep it simple.


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