Home Project | Flooring DIY Part 1

We looooooove our home, but just like any other homeowner we’ve found little things that we want to change. It doesn't happen immediately or all at once. You think everything is perfect, just the way you want it, then you nitpick little things that start to stand out. I have a small list of cabinets we want to replace, some stone, etc… Well over the last weekend we started tackling one of our largest DIY’s and that’s our flooring.

We have a split level home. It’s really cool. It basically seems like we have 3 stories and a finished basement. Counting up from the bottom we have the basement that I converted into a studio and washroom, then you come to the media room, bathroom and garage level entryway. From there you come up to the formal family area and front door entryway. Then up a last level and you hit the kitchen, dining room, all the bedrooms and 2 more full bathrooms.

We have been dying to convert the 2nd and 3rd levels to hardwood flooring, so we started! They had an amazing deal at NFM that we couldn’t pass up. We picked up all of our flooring and molding, etc… and started tearing up the house. We’re working in 2 phases, starting with the media area first and then tackling the living room area the following weekend.

So far we’ve prepped the area and are leaving it to temper for 48 hours. We pulled up all the old carpet and padding, broke out the tack strip, pulled off the old floor molding, the small section of old wood floor, then swept, vacuumed and mopped the area several times. The area is perfectly level so we’ll be laying the flooring either tonight or tomorrow night depending on the weather. I’ll keep everyone posted on how it turns out!


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