Our First Easy Transition

So we jumped into transitioning our toddlers to there between beds. You know, the step between crib and big boy bed. The are 3.5 years old and YES, we waited a little while. If we had one kid we would have probably attempted a toddler bed at least a year ago, but when you have two kids the same age it’s a little more difficult. They are sleeping in their bedroom with their favorite play friend in the entire world. Keeping them in a bed they are free to leave can be DIFFICULT!

To hopefully diffuse the possibility of them playing all night and passing out on the floor in the wee hours of the morning, we bought them extra special beds. They looooove Thomas the Train. We scoured the internet to find the perfect Thomas beds, found them and ran around all day Saturday picking them up and putting them together.

It paid off. They love them and never left them the entire night. We removed all the toys from the entire bedroom and put one of those things around the inside door handle to keep them from walking out of the room. It was just a precaution. I don’t need them running a muck in the house at 3am when I’m dead asleep. I also taped down the light switch. Hey, you never know! After it was lights out they stayed in bed all night and slept through. With all the prepping and planning it worked out. That never happens for us so we’re really happy.


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