Hawaii in 10

Jaime and I have never been afraid to move around. We absolutely love it. When we picked up and took off for Missouri we had never even been here. It was a fun and challenging adventure that really paid off because I absolutely love it here. The city is awesome, the area is stunning, there are tons of things to do and you never have to drive far. Where we lived in Virginia we had to drive an hour to do anything. I also love the laid back licensing hut, alcohol laws and the open gun laws. All in all this is a really cool place for a hundred reasons.

Our original plan was to live in this house a total of 5 years, then build our next home with our own design. Our “dream home.” We thought we would most likely maaaaaaybe settle there for good? Well, we were watching HGTV like always and watched a couple episodes in a row of people picking up and moving to various islands in Hawaii. We had thought about moving to California before but that’s out the window. I’m actually not interested at all for a few reasons, so California is scratched off my list completely. I think if we ever moved anywhere in the close states we would maybe go for Florida because we have family and friends there.

So we decided to keep Hawaii in mind and are actively making plans to move there. These are the deciding factors. If we want to do it at the 10 year mark we only have 8 years before making the move. We are still highly considering building in 3, having that immediate equity of a home that is instantly worth more than we put in to build it, then spending 5 years in our dream home and jumping to Hawaii. I am honestly thinking that in Hawaii we may even want to build a home.

So many things to consider. We know that the cost of living is much more there and we are prepped and ready for that and it isn’t a problem. We plan to have a large assortment of fruit trees on the property and to veg garden year round and to own chickens and we’ll probably do a lot of fishing. I don’t eat much else. We’ll just need to pop into the stores for everything else. I can still mail order clothing at good deals, shipping rates are exactly the same. So not much has to change. The kids would be 11 or 12 so the move wouldn’t be too traumatic for them like it would be if we held out until they were in high school. I’d never want to do that to them. A high school move is really hard for teens. So there it is. In about 5 years we’ll see where we are sitting and possibly plan a trip to hop around the islands and see what location we love the most.


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