My New Specs

So I snapped a pic of my new glasses, no makeup and I had just taken a nap so my hair be FLAT! Anyway, I’m getting old… old, old, old… and with age comes blindness apparently. I’ve always had 20/20 vision. With my job I do a lot of design and computer work and I started to notice that my right eye felt strained after about an hour on the computer. I shut my right eye and no problem, shut my left eye and I was BLIND! Okay, not blind… but I couldn’t make out anything. I was stunned that I had gone who knows how long with horrible vision and never noticed because it happened so slowly.

Had my vision test a week ago and found out I’m nearsighted in my left eye and have astigmatism in my right, so I can’t see near or far with that sucker. So I picked out the biggest brainiest looking frames and had my lenses made. The first two days of wearing them I felt like everything was too close and very strange looking. Sitting today at day 3, things look good… really good. Now when I take my glasses off I can tell how insanely blind I am. So now I have another fun accessory to play with. I’ll definitely be stocking up on some vintage frames and having a lot of fun dorking out with my eyewear.


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