DIY hair mask for pH, softness, shine + protein

I’ve mentioned at least a dozen times that I’m a HUGE fan of hair masks. I don’t think I’ve really ever explained how big or why before. Using a good hair mask on the weekends will keep your hair soft, shiny, manageable, reduce breakage, keep flyawayas at bay and give you the ability to add volume or go for sleek and shiny styles. Until you start using hair masks regularly, you just don’t know how much they help.

I do color my hair and I process it like crazy. I actually flat iron it smooth then I go back in with a curling wand most days of the week. That’s a whole lot of heat. As long as I use a good mask every single weekend my hair has no split ends or damage whatsoever. I catch people with hair issues and I always want to tap them on the shoulder and tell them to USE A MASK!

Just this past week I caught an eye full of broken hair from someone that flat irons daily. Her poor little bangs were just broken to about a quarter inch and sticking up like crazy. And someone else didn’t realize that the back of her smooth hair was frizzled like crazy and actually floating in midair. Use a mask people! Use a mask! You can cure those issues with one treatment.

This recipe is another one of my favorites. I have about a dozen recipes that I rotate through. Either Saturday or Sunday when I have the time I throw on a mask every single weekend morning like clockwork. This mask is perfect for softness, shine, pH balance and a kick of protein which hair needs at least once a month.


1/2 cup coconut oil
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 egg yolk


Super easy. Just toss the ingredients into a bowl and use a whisk to get the ingredients to stick and mix. It will look like pancake batter. Spread the mixture through all the layers of the hair. With this mask it will heat and the coconut oil will become drippy. So what I like to do is first apply the mask, then cover my entire head with saran wrap to heat the mask after it’s been applied.

Then on top of the plastic wrap I take a towel and do a towel wrap to catch any and all oil that would try and escape. That will keep you 100% clean and dry. Then just wear for at least 30 minutes. With this mask you can use it up to 2 hours if you really wanted to. I typically use it for about an hour. Then wash, condition, dry and style as usual!

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