I’ve done a lot of research on articles from psychiatrists and developmental therapists on the positives of sending kids to pre-school. The past few months Jaime and I weren’t really sure if we would even be able to send our kids. We have twins. If you think pre-school is outrageously expensive, times that by two. I had major sticker shock the first time I calculated the numbers. Now I’ve warmed up to them but I’m not happy about it at all. I feel like if it’s so important developmentally, it should be offered for a year for free to everyone. Why should only some be able to prosper?

Anyway. I was reading a few great articles that outlined how pre-school is an opportunity for growth, early preparation, social and emotional development, learning the ropes, structure and more. We did decide in the end that with our kids typically lagging behind a bit, we needed to move forward and enroll them. So we are actually doing a full fall season and 2 summers. So we are getting a bit of a jump for extra preparedness and are rolling right into their elementary year.

The really surprising development once you get passed the sticker shock and decide to give it a go, is the advancement in school menus. I was floored at the offerings. So now we have 3 weeks to get the kids prepared for exploring a massive new assortment of foods. We’re talking exotic fruits, hard to eat sandwiches, breakfast burritos… I had no idea my kids needed to be eating these things! So the next 3 weeks are going to be spent really expanding there menu so they recognize the foods at the school and eat. As if being a parent of multiples wasn’t already hard enough!


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