Our Birds Week 1

So today we've had our birds for exactly 1 week.  They arrived on Wednesday the 23rd when they were only 2 days old.  It's funny because I didn't remember that when they arrive that small they don't really have wings.  They have these little nubs that feathers eventually grow on to create the wing.  So we have these little wingless nuggets running around and they just completely crack me up.

But after only the first few days they've started to get feathers sprouting on there wings.  It happens so fast.  It's been a lot of fun watching them grow so far and watching the kids become calmer and gentler due to having them around.  So we have a few videos to see how they are doing the first week in.

The first video is from the day they arrived and I first opened the box.  The second is the first time I let them loose in there giant 4 foot space that they will be in the first 6-8 weeks before they go into there coop out back.  And the last video is of them starting to sprout wings at the end of week 1.

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