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I made a few changes to the bird cage since last I wrote.  I was going absolutely crazy having our ghetto box set up.  It was what we needed for sure and we didn’t have to spend any money on it the first 3 weeks.  We needed it the way it was because the light had to be right on the birds to keep them really warm.  Now they are ready to be lightless and temp to the 74 degrees in our house.

So I have a little video below of the birds playing around in the new Summerhawk coop.  What I did was just build the actual coop part.  I haven’t added the running cages or anything like that.  So when it goes outside and we build on it, it will be much, much bigger and have a lot more space.

One thing you may notice is that I upgraded our feeding equipment.  Everything I had purchased previously worked terribly.  It took up too much room or the birds would run all around in it and get the food and water dirty.  So now we have a really cool galvanized metal corner hanging feeder and a waterer on the back wall.  It gives them so much more space to play.

I think that’s all we really have going on right now.  Some bird fun, we have some family coming for Thanksgiving so I’m stressed about that.  I’m always excited and stressed because it’s a lot to plan for.

The kids are going to be Ninja Turtles this year for Halloween.  They already picked their costumes and I’m hoping there are a few events we can go to so they get more use out of them.  A really good tip… order online the first week of October.  You can usually score free or cheap flat rate shipping plus 60% off your order.  My order would have been $128.00 and I only spent $55.05.

Shoot, while on the subject I might as well mention Christmas.  Use Neiman Marcus.  Everyone thinks they are super expensive but when it comes to the home gourmet type gifts, they are not at all.  If you use them the first week of Christmas you’ll get free shipping and free gift wrap, even if it’s 10 gifts going to 10 different places.  You don’t have to wrap anything or step foot in the store. 

These are the kinds of things I do every year and I save so much time and money.  Especially with the Neiman Marcus.  It’s like $12.00 per gift to wrap if you wait after that first week.  No thank you.  I stick in the gourmet foods and things like really cool candles.

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