I Can't Get Enough of This Site!

So when I get bored... really bored... I start surfing the net.  I found this amazing shopping site that I cannot get enough of... and NO... this is not a sponsored post.  I found it a few months ago when I was so bored I was literally using Google to find things to do when you are bored and BAM!  There it was like a little beacon of "I'm Soooooooooo Going to be Broke" hope.
The site is http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/.  I literally spent a couple of hours on it looking through all of the things that they have for sale.  They have everything... I mean everything!
You can get kits that convert your stairs to a giant slide, balls that let you walk on water, the actual TRON motorcycle!  The list goes on.  Fun stickers for the back of your car, clear canoe's, sound activated car stickers, glow in the dark toilet paper, sleeping bags that look like you're getting eaten by a shark..
I could go on all day.  If you're ever bored, you have to take a look.  They have everything from inexpensive $10.00 items up to thousands of dollars for personal flying machines to bypass traffic.  Enjoy... and try to pace yourself if you start shopping on the site because it is addicting!

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