Our Halloween Gang + DIY Halloween Nails

So this year we actually had several people dress up for Halloween!  I was really excited.  No one did it last year but since my friend Toby was in, so was I and others followed.  So it’s going to be a lot of fun today.  I’m Lady Gaga… but I’ll tell you.  Trash bags stick!!  I’m wearing a leotard underneath but DANG!  I sure hope this isn’t toxic!

I stole one of Gaga’s makeup looks and Christina Aguilera’s hair from the MTV Awards.  It was pretty easy to throw together this morning on a whim.  And of course I just cut up and belted a giant trash bag… lol…

And for anyone looking to pizzazz up their nails… try this easy tutorial below

1 >>> Paint one half of your nail in white and the other in yellow.

2 >>> Apply hole reinforcers cut in half.  Place two on each nail as shown below.

3 >>> Working on one nail at a time, paint the area inside the stickers with orange nail polish.

4 >>> Then just carefully remove the stickers and voila!  A cute little free Halloween touch to go with your costume or just your weekend.

5 >>> Repeat on all your other nails.  Let everything dry for about 5 minutes then just top it off with a layer of top coat.

Happy Painting --- Happy Early Halloween --- And Happy Friday!!

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