The Birds + My New Fave App!

So the birds are nearing the 3 week mark I believe and they are a little handful.  We have “Modella,” who is the largest and the fluffiest so far.  She is getting in her fuzzy mane and is at the top of the pecking order.  So in the video above you will see her getting in everyone’s business.  She leads the pack and investigates everything to make sure all things are well and good.
Then we have “Madam Car” who I just call Madam.  This is Eli’s bird and she is the one who is almost full feathered out despite her smaller size.  Then we have the two who barely have feathers yet.  The larger of those is “Poopoo Lala Dog Car” who I of course just call Lala.  This is Parker’s bird.  And the cutest and littlest of all is my little “Pumpkin.”
They are naughty little things.  I can tell you that.  So my project when I get home from work today is to suspend their food and water bowls.  I’m not going out to buy something new.  It’s a waste when you know how to DIY.  I’m simply going to punch a decent size hole in the top of both the food and waterer and use a nail on the inside with string tied to it and going through the hole to tie on the cage cover and keep everything off the ground.
The reason for this is because they are pushing the food out of the food bowl on purpose.  So just yesterday after I filled it they spent the day throwing it all out and now they are grounded.  They are going to be eating it off the ground until it’s all gone.  And they put food and hay in the water.  So that has to stop too.  But man they are so much fun!!  And I like them a lot.  More than any pet I’ve had since my cat Mooch like 8 years ago.
And finally, my favorite hilarious app.  I downloaded “Photo Blend Collages.”  It is the most hilarious app ever.  I was really bad and put someone’s face on a rat body to cheer up my friend who went through a bad break up.  So I won’t share that because it’s mean but it was meant in fun for my bestie.  But you can also do nice practical things like blend yourself into photos with your friends and add tags and accessories and change the background.

The interface is really, really easy to use.  Clipping only takes a second because you just draw with your finger and accept if the changes are right.  It’s the quickest I’ve ever figured out an app.  I still have trouble with others from time to time like VivaVideo, even though I use it all the time and absolutely adore that one too.

Anyway, that’s all for now… hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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