An Overdue Update

I did not realize until I was Facebook messaging with Kristy today that I hadn’t put up a blog post since the day before Halloween!  We’ve been silly busy with Thanksgiving and now planning for Christmas.

For starters we had company over for Thanksgiving and had so much fun.  Jaime’s dad and his dad’s wife stayed with us a few days and they were able to enjoy the Casino here and we did a big Thanksgiving Eve celebration at Blanca’s (Jaime’s mom) and Thanksgiving at our house.  Both menus were fantastic and I’m pretty sure that’s when I gained the 5 pounds I’ve been staring at in the morning.

Christmas shopping is done!  I know I say it over and over again, but get a Neiman Marcus card and shop in the home store with gourmet foods or gifts sorted by price (lowest to highest).  You will not believe what you can get there for $15.00 that is usually $85.00+ … and if you shop the first week of December you get free gift wrap (typically costs around $12.00 a gift) and free shipping… even if you ship to 100 places.  You can get everything at a great price and not have to wrap a thing or worry about shipping to people if they aren’t local.  Then pay the card off through the year and hit those gifts again and you never have to worry about pinching around for Christmas.  And right now they even have free rush delivery with code MNRUSH so items can still get to everyone by Christmas.

Anyway!  So I don’t remember if I mentioned that my Cadillac SRX took a dump and I refused to fix it and ended up buying the fully loaded Chrysler Towne & Country.  I was upside down in my Cadillac and was tired of looking at it so Jaime and I went car shopping due to all the rebates.  We figured we could get a little bit out of that roll in price and we threw in his newer Venza too because we didn’t need 3 cars.  We did get him a 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid in Titanium with the full upgrade package.  We love it!  It’s so weird to have a car start on a battery because you don’t hear anything.  Takes a bit to get use to.  That night we celebrated by hitting the Ameristar Casino and the Cajun restaurant (Pearl’sOyster Bar) inside.

If you’re local… try it!  I could not believe how much seafood you get for the price.  The Bouillabaisse is what I had and Jaime had the boil with snow crab legs, shrimp and skipped the crawfish because they were out of season.  Everything was amazing.

Let’s see… we put up our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and I decorated the mantle with a few new things that we picked up that morning.  We’ve been making cookies and enjoying the festivities building towards Christmas.  The kids are impatiently waiting of course.

The birds are getting REALLY big.  The photos don’t even do them justice and those are just a couple weeks old.  They are totally hens now.  We are expecting them to lay by February.  They are a breed that matures early so they typically lay by 5-6 months at the latest.

And I think that about covers it for now.  Happy Holidays!

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