I Gave In

While on my quest for health, wealth and a strong body for our trip in early summer, I’ve given in on two things.  #1 >>> I’ve been drinking wine on Friday and Saturday nights.  I know I shouldn’t do it because of what it was like the last time I attempted to shape up and didn't eat clean.  I did a full 3 months of Jillian Michael’s Revolution and maybe lost 2-5 pounds max.  My body was toned, no cellulite and what not but I was the same shape pretty much.
Then I got sick of working so hard for nothing and ate clean.  I lost 15 pounds in a month and was super ripped.  I’m highly considering doing the Cabbage Soup Diet for a week or two to drop the pounds I need and then maintain with my fitness.
But, I don’t yet know if eating perfect and drinking two days a week will completely impede my ability to drop pounds because I’m not calorie counting.  So I may still be under considering how much I work out during the week and how little and healthy I eat.  I will give this week and next week the test and if I’m stuck, it’s cabbage soup for sure.
#2 >>> I stopped farting around and am doing Revolution again.  I didn’t want to do it.  I just wanted to enjoy myself and take my time getting in shape.  But darn it!  Revolution is so amazing.  You get into shape so quick and it’s only 30 minutes a day.
So I’m doing the same thing, working out at 5:00am Monday through Friday but I’m using Revolution AGAIN.  I’ve probably used it a half dozen times to whip myself into pristine shape over the last 5 years.  I would describe it as being a much more mom and full time work friendly P90X.  I could do P90X for 1-1.5 hours five to six days a week pre-kids, but I’m not doing that now.
And I hate working out at night.  If I get up and don’t have time to think about it, it’s done and out of the way.  If I leave it until nighttime I usually dread it all day and then run the risk of being too tired to care at night.  This routine keeps me from skipping any workouts at all.
Besides that, Jaime and I have been weaning tons of fresh fruit and vegetables into our diet.  They make me feel so amazing.  We started on our way to making dinner salads with mixed lettuces, oranges, walnuts, homemade dressings, goat cheese and things of that sort and topping them with sliced grilled steak, scallops, roasted cod and what not.
And for breakfast I’ve been hitting the parfaits.  They are so easy to make.  I usually buy organic granola type cereal at Wal-Mart from the “fancy health food” section.  Then I’ll pick up fruit like bananas, blueberries and blackberries.  That’s actually about all I like in the fruit department that isn’t on a pit of some kind in my parfaits.  I’ll do a layer of plain or coconut Greek yogurt, about ¼ cup of granola and a nice palm full of fruit.  Whatever I’m in the mood for.  Then I’ll repeat for a second layer all in a glass.  Then I chow on the way to work and feel like a million dollars.

Well, happy Friday! Happy health… and good luck avoiding wine. I know I won’t be this weekend…

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