Review – MoneyWise Pro and My Budget Book

My budget tracking just got really confusing.  I was working at a position where I was paid on the same 2 days every single month.  Easy peasy.  I got paid on the 15th and paid the second half of my month’s bills, got paid on the last day of the month and paid the first half of the following months bills.

I knew my exact paycheck, split my bills up for the beginning of the month and end of the month… added it up and knew exactly what extra money I had all the time.  I just kept a list on a piece of paper and knew what money I could blow and when.  Nothing would ever change.

Well now I’m getting paid weekly and I am having the WORST time tracking what bills fall when.  I can’t even tell you how complicated it is to know what is going on when you are in the positive some weeks and negatives on others.  I’m basically stuck having to keep rolling my money around.  And I never know when I can spend extra!

So first I downloaded MoneyWise Pro and it’s the best thing I’ve ever found.

PRO: I put in my expenses, my paycheck days, set up when I want my week to begin and end, set up reoccurring transactions, track by week and it has a rolling expense account balance so I know exactly what I have extra all the time.  When I pay less for gas I can adjust my pre filled in and estimated gas amount in seconds.  When I buy something I can add it in seconds.  Then I realized…

CON: I can only look one month ahead!  I almost completely messed myself up thinking I had several hundred extra dollars only to have the following week populate and it was dropping in the negative so close to that amount that I would only have $6.95 left over.  Had I even gone to Wendy’s I would have a bill issue that week in March.  I neeeeeeeeeed to look at least 3 months in advance.  It would be even better if I could do 6 or 12.


So then I paid for and downloaded My Budget Book.  I can look at everything for years.

PRO: You can see stuff as far in advance as you want.  (See More About This Below in the Additional Notes!!)

CON: There is no rolling expense account!!  How the crud am I supposed to know what will happen with my money!?  The only way to get a total for any given week is to go all the way from the very beginning of when you started and add and subtract each days total manually.  If you mess up on your math though you are out of commission and then you would need to adjust your totals for each month every time you had less or more money on a purchase.

So I’m still kind of lost and I’m having to input stuff into 2 different apps and I really just want to be using MoneyWise Pro because it does exactly what I want it to.  So I emailed the creator and I’m crossing my fingers.  Until then I’m just going to have to go between the two apps and use my last total from one and pick up the expense roll over from there on the other.  Ugh.  Such a pain in my butt.

***Extra Note*** I just figured out how to look at my running money total in My Budget Book... this app ROCKS B*LLS!!  I have never been so happy.  You change the view to current total and poof!  It only shows you your running expense account.  What a lifesaver.  I suggest My Budget Book FOREVER and for everyone, for tracking everything.  And it's only $3.00 and some change... half the cost of MoneyWise Pro...

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