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We’re always doing so much it’s difficult to keep up with ourselves.  First, our birds laid their first egg!!  I’m pretty sure it was Modella that left us our first little cream colored French gift.  I was SO excited that I ran in the house screaming for Jaime and he thought something bad happened.  After almost busting his booty on the stairs I showed him my pride and joy and he was like “pfffttttt.”  So hmph.  But the kids and I were really excited.

We’ve been letting the birds free range a lot.  I love them SO MUCH!!  I’m not a pet person so to be so attached to a bunch of hens the way I am is actually pretty comical.  They stay close to “mom” (me) for comfort.  They come out of the cage and the first thing they want to do is fly.  They are so funny.  People don’t think hens can fly.  They can.  They can fly very well.

We’ve been cooking of course.  The night before last we made this amazing beet linguine that I could not get enough of.  Tonight we are going to knock out the salmon together.  Every week cooking 3 new meals a week that push our creativity and cooking expertise further than it already is has been such a great experience.  Especially since we are doing it together.

And we already celebrated Valentine’s Day with the kids on Friday.  Jaime was so romantic!!  He got me a bottle of real champagne… Veuve Clicquot.  And yes, there is a difference.  Number 1… it’s not real champagne unless it comes from Champagne, France.  Otherwise it’s just sparkling wine.  Number 2… the earth has been cultivated in France for much longer than our little 200 year stint in the US.  The wines developed there pick up everything in the soil.  The flavors develop in layers and are so herbal, full of fruit, peppercorn and more.  Even the cheapest off brands of French wine are better than most high end US wines and sparkling wines.  Snotty?  Maybe… but just sayin’.  Poof… factoid too ;D This palette says yeahhhhhh… pick some up and tell me it’s flat or one dimensional.  I dare you… lol…

And on top of that he ordered 3 dozen oysters from our absolute favorite fresh oyster delivery shop, Island Creek Oysters.  It was a 3 variety sampler and OMG!!  They were stunningly amazing.  We ate those on the half shell, about 2 dozen oven roasted clams and a 3 pound bag of mussels steamed in butter, salt and garlic.  We were so stuffed we couldn't eat the accompaniments so we had Kale Ceaser salad and French Baguette for lunch today with olive oil dipping herbal "sauce."

My mom got the kids some super cute light weight Batman and Spiderman jackets that they love!!  Super love… they have been wearing them around the house, to school… out and about.  She also sent the most hilarious monster hats that when you squeeze the little hanging neck tie the hands go up.  The kids yell “yeah” when they make the hands go up which makes me laugh endlessly.  And thank you to everyone who sends things for our kids.  They love everything so much and even though I’ve expressed gratitude, we’re more grateful than you know to have anyone think of our little family and go out of their way to send anything.  It always warms our hearts.

And we had a super bowl party.  For desserts, NeimanMarcus liquor cakes are the bomb!  They have pure liquor in them though.  Don’t give them to kids and enjoy when the sugar and shots kick in.

Lastly… I have been baking crazy stuff for the kids.  I’ll be hitting a healthy sugar cookie recipe tomorrow for them to snack on next week.  And fancy schmancy gifts I’ve been getting from work I’ve been hoarding and bringing home for the kids.  They are truly spoiled ;D

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