3 Insanely Awesome Recipes + Family Update

So Happy Easter everyone!  I don’t really celebrate but my mother in law is totally into it so we hang out with them and do all the traditional stuff.  That actually reminds me that I need to see if she wants me to bring boiled eggs and a coloring kit.  We have (obviously because of our hens) tons of eggs ready to go for décor.

First I wanted to share 3 recipes.  One that is self-made and two that I found and adapted one as my own less expensive and less calorie filled version and one I follow exactly…

What I’ve been doing to rip down (by that I mean shred off fat and build long, lean muscle so I look strong) is eating 3 or 4-100 calorie snacks a day, a heaping serving of low-cal, low-fat soup for lunch and dinner and eating a gourmet low-cal, low-fat breakfast.  It puts me at about 1200 calories a day and then I have 2K to play with on the weekends to still shred 2-3 pounds of pure fat off my body a week.

1 >>> My She Crab Soup Recipe

You can have a whopping 2 cup serving of this and it will only run you 250 calories.  No one will ever know and if you are dieting you won’t believe it yourself.  It tastes like any luxury fattening calorie filled restaurant version.  I made it up a few days ago and blew my own mind.


·        2 cans 98% fat free cream of mushroom soup
·        4 cans 98% fat free cream of celery soup
·        5 cans (use the soup cans) skim milk
·        1 tablespoon reduced sodium old bay seasoning
·        1 tablespoon oyster sauce (find it anywhere in the Asian department, including at Wal-Mart)
·        ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
·        1 cup of finely diced portabella mushroom
·        1 cup finely diced celery
·        1 pound of crab meat (can be the large gourmet canned kind and the claws are way less expensive than the lump… which makes no sense because the claws are the best part!?)


Mix all of the ingredients together and whisk EXCEPT for the crab meat.  Bring to a simmer and while you’re waiting just break your crab meat up so it’s ready to throw in.  After the soup comes to a simmer, gently stir in your crab meat, bring back just to a simmer and serve.  That’s it.  If you’re souping like I am this will last you 4 days of 2-2 cup servings per day.  You get carbs cut and tons of snuck in vegetables and your family will never, ever, ever know it’s healthy.


Now let me break this up with a little family update.  Our custom made chicken coop came in that I designed a few weeks ago. 

The birds are SO happy because they have the space and safety to free range completely.  We have 11 that are coming in to join our flock and are so excited to meet them.

Pretty soon our full egg assortment will range from small to large and they will be anywhere from dark brown large to light cream, blue and green.  I love the variety and colors so much that it’s hard to imagine breaking them.

It’s been a great bonding experience for our family and it’s attracted a more wholesome friend group at work.  People don’t see me as the city girl anymore. 

They know I have some wholesome roots and that doesn’t always show past my exterior.  Giving eggs to friends and family has even brought us closer together.

Jaime built a fire pit, which we have wanted forever. 

We are also converting our old hen coop to an awesome garden.  We’ve already started growing our kale, tomatoes, variety of lettuce, sprouting our celery, blueberry and blackberry bushes and are waiting for this frost and freezing at night to stop so we can plant.


2 >>> A Less Expensive Play on Savory Smoked Salmon Breakfast Toast

This will bring you in at a tiny 135 calories per toast! (link to original recipe)


·        1 ounce smoked salmon
·        1 tablespoon low fat cream cheese
·        Dash of dried dill
·        Few slices of onion
·        Cracked black pepper
·        Raw green of your choice… I usually use baby spinach


Make toast and top with cream cheese and a dash of crack black pepper.  Add a few slices of onion, top with spinach, salmon and your dill.  And that’s it!  Enjoy…


3 >>> Avocado Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

This will bring you in right around 250-300 calories depending on what type of avocado you use… (link to original recipe)


·        ¼ sliced avocado
·        ½ cup cooked quinoa
·        1 tablespoon honey
·        1 tablespoon sliced raw almond
·        ½ cup almond milk


Mix your warmed cooked quinoa with the almond milk and top with sliced avocado, almond slices and drizzle with honey.  That’s it.  Quick, healthy and easy.

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