Please Help Us Reach Our Goal

This year my husband and I have started a team again to walk and raise money for St. Jude.  Please, please, please… even if you don’t finish reading the rest of this post at least visit our donation page and make a donation at  What may seem like a simple $1.00 means the world to us and goes a long way when combined with the efforts of others.  It would be so greatly appreciated and I will tell you why and what we raise money for…
St. Jude takes the toughest childhood cancer cases.  They take the children in and do all they can to help save their lives.  The parents never get a single bill for housing, care, food... nothing, ever.  They can do this because of people like us and people like you helping to raise money and give what you can.
The fight is always near and dear to my heart especially after my father passing away from cancer in April last year.  No one should ever have to live through that.  It's sad when a grown man who has enjoyed and traveled the world goes like that, but nothing is more upsetting and unfair than when a child who hasn't experienced much more than his families love has to battle with this horrible disease.
Every time a child is saved, the research is passed on to other doctors and clinics and can save thousands more children.  It's an amazing cause and they are an amazing place.
I'm asking that if anyone is out there who wants to help, please click on the link below and donate to our teams walk.  100% of the proceeds we raise go straight to St. Jude.  We get nothing but the happiness of helping.  If you have nothing to give join our team and walk.  We would LOVE to have you.  Every bit of help counts.
Please feel free to visit our team’s donation page below and visit back to see how much we raise for the children.  And thank you so much in advance to anyone who pitches in, in any way.

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