Angelina Jolie + Brad Pitt … the things you probably forgot

The crazy thing about this article is that until the news broke, I didn’t even realize I remembered all of these things.  I never write or care to think too much on the lives of public figures.  I don't typically have too much of an opinion and I am usually too focused on my own life to think twice about these sorts of things.  But as it turned out, this is well rooted in my past so it did actually get to me.  It struck a hidden nerve.  I didn’t even realize there was a bit of irritation that was tucked away somewhere.  Brad and Angelina and Jennifer had 100% been off my radar for years.  They are never in the middle of celebrity gossip so if I pay attention to anything it’s usually something a Kardashian is doing.  And that’s only because they won’t get off my MSN landing page.

It was a normal day.  I was logging into the bank to check accounts when my landing page (MSN) had the news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie splitting up.  I never click but I could not help myself this time around.  This time it was real.  Not splashed on some cheap magazine that stirs up fabrications all the time.

I read the short article and was immediately thinking two things… “I expected this a long time ago but over the years they matured (mostly Angelina needed to mature) and they seemed happy,” so I was actually surprised.  You typically hear little things before a total blow out like this and it was all quiet on the news front until this week.  They didn’t even have the typical over shows of affection you’ll see when people who are so obviously going to split in Hollywood are trying to prove to the public that they are madly in love (gag).  And… “What must Jennifer Aniston be thinking!?”

Why was this so significant to me?  I was a Friend’s addict.  I grew up watching the romance between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston blossom.  I watched when he made his guest appearance back in 1994.  This was before people were insanely chasing and watching famous people.  Before we had reality shows.  Before we knew every detail of actors/actresses, models, socialites, etc… lives.  Before TMZ launched in 2005 and started changing the way people regularly received the hot gossip.

Now here are the funny details.  I was always team Aniston because this was the first really horrible divorce I was of age to really care to pay attention to.  I remember thinking “how could Brad leave Jennifer for this other trashy woman.”  And this is not a hater thing at all.  There are many, many very sexy “put it all out there” females in the public eye that I absolutely adore, but this one I knew too much about.  She had grossed me out beyond repair before the affair with Brad.

So what things did she do that bothered me the most?  I’ll jump into the thick of it.  I won’t even start with the past cutting issues (which I feel bad she use to feel that way) and won’t even get into the 1996 husband shirt blood wedding incident.  I’ll skip forward to the massive build of irritation in 2000.  There was quite a splash of insane things all in a short time such as acting like a complete moron with Billy Bob Thornton.  They were married and wore vials of blood which was one of the many desperate acts I’ve seen in Hollywood.  When people are so desperately trying to cling to each other like this you know it’s doomed.  They are trying in every way to connect themselves to each other so they can’t get bored and walk out.  But bored and walking they did.

I was really annoyed when they came out of the limo on the red carpet and were all like “we just had sex in the limo.”  Well ladi fricken da.  I’m sure most people have some drinks and do that.  You’re having a fun exciting day and you get all frisky.  It happens, like all the time.  Up to that point I had never heard 2 people feel the need to announce it like a couple of trashy idiots.  It was so unoriginal and with the blood crap was getting so annoying.

Then there was the incident with her making out with her brother.  I always hated how she would do something stupid and then explain it away with the most ridiculous explanation and people would be like “oh, okay.”  Seriously!?  She wanted to be gross, has whatever urges, wants attention or whatever and never had the gull to say “I just did it.  Get over it.”  I could at least laugh and think “you go girl!”  But she was moronic.  It was always some long drawn childish explanation to make it seem like the behavior was normal.  “We were just excited and the moment got away with us.”  I’ll tell you.  I have a brother, in fact, a half-brother.  I have had many exciting moments in my life and I have never, ever, not even once, slightly had the urge to make out with him.  Maybe I’m too normal to understand so I was rolling my eyes and always thinking “why are people eating this crap up?”

I think this is the part that really threw me.  So it’s only 1 short year into the 2000 crazies and she decides to change her image.  She starts charity work.  That’s great.  That’s always good.  A year after that she adopts a child.  I remember thinking of how she must be focusing her crazy obsessive bursts of messes into another area and that was at least healthier but you can still see the pattern.  She never does anything slow or level headed.  One day it’s “I’m obsessed with Johnny Lee Miller” the next it’s “Billy Bob Thornton”… then it’s “making out with relatives and acting insane.”  Then it’s “I want to be a different person… overnight charity and kids!”

My dad was all excited that she was changing and growing up but all I could think of were the things that practically happened the day before.  How could anyone give her a kid!?  How does no one notice that this person has a dangerous pattern?  How can no one worry what her next burst will bring, hurt, blow up, cause?  I was worried because now she had a child and I always felt that mentally she might not be good in that area.  Maybe not in any area.  Especially when it comes to someone depending on her.  How was a kid going to keep her attention and affection?  It really did worry me that everyone was giving thumbs up while this was going on and no one ever bothered to question anything.

Some time went by and I let it go.  As long as no one mentioned her name in connection to "being a respectable" or "normal" person I didn’t care.  She was doing charity work, acting and by this time had Maddox.  Then the crazy came back… again.  She has the affair with Brad.  You know, whatever.  You get interested on set.  Again, happens all the time.  But again, it’s how this was handled.  I mean get it together already!

Jennifer was nice enough to be quiet about the fact that her and Brad separated because of the affair in 2003.  Angelina was still going around trying to keep her fake image and actually had the nerve to claim on air that she would never have an affair with a married man.  That's when Jen finally let it spill and rightfully so.  Here is this woman trying to act like she’s sexy and dark and now perfect all while going around having affairs and trying to take what’s not hers and trying to look like the good girl while she’s doing it?  As if I wasn’t already annoyed enough.  That’s when it was 100% confirmed with me.  Crazy.  Crazy liar, lies for her own personal gain.

In 2006 you get the stupid explanations again trying to explain why she’s not a bad person for the affair because she dropped on the “good person” scale and needed to claw her way back up again.  And I still didn't understand why she kept trying.  Let it go.  Give in and realize.  You’re bad.  Just be bad and enjoy it, stop trying to put on this facade.  They became “kind of a pair.”  They accidentally discovered a love they weren’t looking for and didn’t expect.  Okay.  Well, you pursued it and crushed people.  It’s an affair no matter how you want to write it up on paper and explain it away.  This is pretty much what everyone claims so they can go gallivanting and do bad things.  “love” “best friend” … so unoriginal.

So now here sits Brad Pitt wondering what happened.  Wondering how she could act like this.  How she could do this to him and his family.  Try to take his family away.  Well, dude… she’s crazy!  Hello!!  She’s always been crazy.  What on earth would possess a person to think that all that crazy isn’t going to be lurking underneath waiting to pop out and cause some type of monstrous destruction like it always has.  I never would have gotten involved with that.  You would have to be so blind not to have an awareness of what will happen one day and what kind of crazy will be unleashed on you if you are on the wrong end of what goes down with a person like this.

Well, best of luck to you Brad.  You did wrong back in the day but I honestly think this might be a bit more than you deserved.  I do wish much luck to the kids.  They are the only ones who deserve none of this.  Now we will wait.  Child abuse allegations, affairs and all sorts of things are being flung around and so quickly.  I guess after this blows over it will at least be interesting to see what other crazy starts to happen because Angelina has been unleashed.  Pandora's box has been opened.  It's kind of a scary thought.

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