New York and Canada in Fall

We’re about to kick off and go on a last minute fall vacation – it’s creeping up just around the corner.  I could not be more excited!!  Typically when I choose vacations I go with warm, especially this time of year.  But I decided to do something different.
I hate to say it but when you’ve been to a few beaches they sort of start to blend together.  Last year we did California, Mexico and Catalina Island and we took the huge trip this past spring across the United States and hit a lot of country land like Memphis… then a bunch of beaches and islands.  We traveled through all of the keys and even stopped off in Tybee Island.  And of course we’ve been to Costa Rica and the Bahamas a few other random places.  So it was time for something completely new.
This time it’s New York for a bit and then St. John Canada and Halifax Canada.  I’ve never seen any of it.  I hear the foliage change is supposed to be stunning this time of year.
Things I’m freaking out about.  I don’t really know anything about New York.  This will be my first time hailing cabs and what not and we’re going with kids.  I’m very nervous.  We’re staying in Time Square and kind of sticking around our general hotel area for outings.  I have my eye on Bobby Flay’s restaurant Bar Americain.  The menu sounds really good.  Especially the Shellfish Cocktail trio.
Then it’s off to Canada and that’s where it’s really going to get interesting.  When I travel anywhere I follow the food, wine and the beer.  Absolutely anywhere I go I always order a few things that the area is known for, even if it scares me.  I’ve heard that Nanaimo Bars are a must, Bannock, I will most likely come back home with Ketchup Lay’s as a joke and hand them out for the holidays… maybe hit up some of the crazy ice cream and apparently I have to try the lobster rolls (so I will!).
I’ve made plans to hit both the Halifax and St. John famous market places so I can find maple syrup, wine and beer to bring back home with us.  I’m going to spoil the kids rotten and let them buy tons of toys that you can’t get anywhere else…
But I still need to figure out the money situation.  I didn’t even think about it until my husband mentioned that I’m going to need some Canadian cash.  What worries me is that I can’t cheat if my phone isn’t working to tell me what’s what.  Maybe I’ll jot something down on paper to remind myself.  I believe it’s pretty self-explanatory but I want to make sure things aren’t overpriced.  Like if I see that something is $52.37 CAD it’s only about $40 USD.  We shall see how it goes.

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