Walmart Grocery Pick-Up – $10 Off!

Wal-Mart grocery online shopping and pick-up launched in our local Kansas City, MO store several months ago.  I had seen an ad online over a year ago and was so excited to see if it was in our area.  At that time it wasn’t, but it’s here now – thank goodness!
When I was living in VA probably about 10 years ago they had grocery pick up at Farm Fresh, which was our east coast chain of popular stores.  I would say in the mid-west it’s the equivalent of Hy-Vee.  So you spent quite a bit more (at Farm Fresh and Hy-Vee), typically a grocery bill increase of as much as 30%.  But I made the switch because at the time I was working hell hours and did not have time to be diddling in the store for an hour or two every week after painstakingly prepping a grocery list and then don’t even get me started on unloading at home and HELLO!  When are you ever supposed to eat that day.
Now it’s all in one place and the best part, it’s free.  So every week I do my grocery thing.  I sit and plan out 2 weeks of kids breakfasts, lunches and snacks… the same for my husband and I.  Then I go through the really time consuming part and that’s putting together actual meals that are fresh and new for each night.  I always research recipes and write down the items that I need to complete each one.
But the tedious part is completely cut out.  I get online and I actually save time because instead of writing out all the usual's I go through my favorites; where the system saves everything you’ve ever purchased.  I can’t tell you how many times that feature has kept me from forgetting little things like coffee or like yesterday where it reminded me that I can get cookie dough and be bad.  And I was sooooooo happy!
It keeps you on budget 100%.  I’ve made a few cuts to save some extra spending money for our trip to New York and Canada.  When I get within $15 of my budget limit (to allow for tax of course) I go back and decide what I can cut down on, what I can push out,  purchase later and what I truly don’t need… like cookie dough (although I'll usually cut something else out :D).
Then I check out.  You reserve a time, pull into the pickup area any time in your hour time slot, call the number on the sign and tell them which spot you are parked in.  And it’s special parking where the spots have their own big signs and a number so it’s not like giving directions to a random spot in the lot.
I’ll call, say I’m in spot 3 and they come out to me.  They load everything in your car, let you know if you had substitutions, etc… and are all around awesome people.  I’m done within 5 minutes and on my way home to unload.  I can make the trip on my way home and still have time to get my kids.  I really can’t stress enough how convenient it is.
I love it so much that even when I only need a couple things I’ll build a mini-list to hit the $30 limit and swing by after work.  I haven’t stepped foot inside Wal-Mart in so long my husband told me we have self-checkout lines now!?  I had no idea.
If you decide to give Wal-Mart Grocery Pick Up a try use the link below for your own personal coupon code and get $10 off your order.  Enjoy!  I know I couldn’t be happier…

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