Open Up Your World

Okay, so this is going to sound like an ad with that title… lol… but it’s actually not.  Since my last vacation update back in October 2016, I’ve discovered an entire new way of vacationing.  I’ve shared with friends and family how we travel so much on a dime, and talking it over with friends again yesterday, it’s become clear that no one really realizes how AMAZING of a deal I’m talking.

The way I discovered United Vacations was through a third-party site, Trip Masters.  I was about to go all in several times when I decided to snake on how they are getting such good deals with multi-city travel.  I knew it had to be coming from somewhere else.  When I realized that almost everything was going through United with the flights, I decided to snoop their website and voila!  I fricken found it!

So we’re a little family of 4 and we aren’t loaded.  We travel like we are.  You would not believe the deals that they have.  You get a HUGE discount for bundling your flights and hotels through United.  For only $3k we went all inclusive (the 4 of us) last December for 8 days to the Cancun area.  Just South of there at El Cid.  It was a phenomenal vacation.  We ate, drank margaritas, martinis and coladas all day.  We didn’t have to spend one more cent on anything.

We have a trip coming up in a few weeks to Maui.  I never thought in the next decade we would be able to afford going there.  Anytime I looked, it was like $9k to go.  I’m in a 1200 square foot villa on the ocean for half that with flights and everything for a family of four.  Deposits for regular trips like Mexico, California, Maui, etc… are only $200 a person.  Exotic trips like the 2 week we want to pull out in Southern Vietnam, only $400 a person and you pay the rest any way you want, any time you want, just 45 days in advance.  No credit necessary and you have a huge cancellation window if you change your mind.

A few more things I’ve checked out – Jaime and I can go for an entire week in October for the Chemical Brothers concert in Paris, France.  The two of us flights and hotel, only $1600 after tax and everything.  We almost chose Aruba over Maui all-inclusive for this summer - $6k for the 4 of us, no other cash needed.  One-bedroom ocean front suite.

Anyone who has stuck around and read this blog regularly knows how much we travel.  Since winter 2016 we’ve been back to Branson at least twice that I can remember off the top of my head, back to Key West, we’ve gone to VA and have another trip planned this winter.  We’ve done the Mexico thing… we’re pretty hard core about our vacationing and are looking forward to making our next big summer plans for 2019 – again using United…

If you travel like we do, you may want to at least check it out.  You have to see it to believe it.  And we’ve tested it right here for you folks, love it and will test it for years to come!

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