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We love all kinds of magic, especially the kinds where you get to light things on fire and watch stuff burn… LOL! It’s just fun. We’re not pyro’s or anything cray. We grew up camping and there is something insanely relaxing about watching fire. OMG… it makes me want to pack up my camping gear now or at least get some wood and light a grill fire. Okay, maybe we’re pyro’s… LMAO!!
Not everyone has beeswax laying around the house for candles and jute for wicks all the time, vegetable shortening to make warmer pots, etc… sometimes you gotta get down with the cone incense and incense stick magic when you’ve got to get things done and get it done for free.

This is a crazy easy way to create stick and cone incense at home with stuff you have laying around wasting space. As usual, I’m going to add my exact recipe that I used and what I created it for… and am going to give swap out options so unless you live in the middle of the dessert in an actual hole, well heck… even then you could find something… send us an email and I’ll help you out!!! But otherwise, at least with a swap option, you’ll be able to bring some success and cash into your home and find some way to make this stuff!
We created this particular recipe for someone who was looking for business success ASAP! The business was stagnant and they needed cash to start coming in regularly and soon.

1 Bay Leaf
Dash of Cinnamon
Dash of Ginger
3 Almonds
1/2 Tablespoon Dried Strawberries
1 Teaspoon Patchouli Essential Oil
1 Organic Disposable USA Made Bamboo Chopstick (for sticks, optional)
2 Tablespoons Activated Black Charcoal
1/2 Teaspoon Tapioca Flour
1 Tablespoon Water

I like to imbue intention every second and chance I get… so I ground the bay leaf, cinnamon, ginger, almonds and strawberries with a mortal and pestle. It gives me the extra time to really think and concentrate on what it is I’m trying to hit the ‘911 prayer line for.’ Then I add all of the other ingredients and with my mortal and pestle, I’ll work it gently into an awesome dough. If you’ve ever worked with pie crust and gotten it just right… it feels the same. It’s fluffy and fricken awesome!
From there, I work into cones for cone incense by hand. I don’t worry about perfection. I just make sure my intentions are known and that I work everything with my bare hands no matter how dirty I am and for no matter how many days after… and that I take my time and TRY to make something perfect and beautiful. If I’m making cones… that’s it! Job done!

When creating sticks, I will take 1 chopstick and cut the fat bottom off with a little tiny hand saw thing that I have (did anyone else just start singing ‘fat bottom girls’ in there head… no, just me?). Then I’ll take a knife and position the knife with the grain and between the grain and will usually split one stick into 5 pieces VERY CAREFULLY. I’ll leave my pieces rough because I’m used to rolling sticks like a pro, but you can sand them down if you feel like you need everything to be totally round and smooth to help you out with the process. You just slap down some dough and roll it around your stick until you’re happy with the thickness, how far down your incense dough is, etc… Then this is job done!
Then whether it’s cones or sticks, I typically dry for 5 days and then burn OUTSIDE. Now, I know. That’s ridiculous. I hate it but everyone freaks out about everything these days and I definitely caught the “TMI” paranoia bug. Back in the day, I used to lock myself in my bedroom and burn stick after stick with the door locked listening to Bjork. Apparentlyyyyyyyyyyy… you can like, cause all kinds of crap. So, whatevs… I cut it out of the house for my kids.

I have stunning lanterns that I’ll light my sticks or cones in and for this particular recipe, you'll want to bring your lantern (or whatever) IN THE HOUSE (it’s just for a few minutes, get over it!!!) and you want to waft it all around where you do your work and run your business, then go around your house in general and extra waft it around wallets, purses, etc… any money center pretty much. Then leave the lantern (or whatever) outside to burn about a foot or two centered in front of your home front door so "if you were a wad of cash walking down the road looking for a place to go, you'd know that door is the place to be" … LMAO! If you have the time, you should also waft it through the walkway from the street so the path of entry is totally clear. It’s fun man! LMAO!!!
Activated Black Charcoal
You need any kind of wood agent here. If you happen to have Makko powder, well hells bells… that’s the best. I use charcoal powder when I don’t have Makko and for a few other intentions with my incense magic. Worst comes to worst… if you can find an insanely dry piece of untreated wood, stick, etc… outside… grind it to a dust in your coffee grinder or blender and use it.
Tapioca Flour
Xantham gum, Psyllium husk, chia seeds ground to a fine dust, flax seeds ground to a fine dust, cornstarch, gelatin, egg whites and replace the water, agar agar, guar gum, konjac powder… absolute last resort… all-purpose flour (a bit of a pain in the ass).
Bay Leaf, Cinnamon, Ginger, Almonds, Dried Strawberries & Patchouli Essential Oil
I added all of these ingredients for a very particular power punch combo for a client. You can use just ONE thing if you have to. If you have to choose ONE item and you need business success in particular - go for basil, citronella, cowslip, elder, figwort, goldenseal, irish moss, mint, orange peel, just the patchouli, pine or plantains. If business isn’t your #1 target and you are looking for some money, money, money in general… go for at least one of the following – bergamot, alfalfa, allspice, almond, blackberry, buckwheat, cabbage, cashews, cedar, chamomile, cinnamon, clove, clover, dill, flax, ginseng, echinacea, grapes, honeysuckles, jasmine, real maple syrup, mint, nutmeg, peas, pineapple, potatoes, rice, sesame, thyme or wheat.

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