Meet Our Holistic Team

Yes, magick is absolutely real.

People don’t like to hear it because it's a little creepy, but it is what it is. The way we like to explain it on behalf of our practitioner team, is like praying while borrowing the natural energy of the world, your ancestors, etc… plus using some extra tools to hit the 911 line when you really need some help.

Our 4th - 6th gen herbalist, mineralogist and holistic team has been practicing over 28 years...

Our main Eclectic Practitioner, Anabella, has roots that go back approximately 150 years (6th gen) lending an extensive knowledge of various voodoo practices and a mix of traditional witchcraft influences. She specializes in a mix of elemental draws as well as empathic, intuitive and clairvoyant influences. Anabella still lives in the ‘broom closet’ so to speak as her family line has experienced generations of persecution.

Anabella and her holistic team have several basic necessity sets of magick kits that they hand prep personally to order. All of the magick kits ship separate from the other items in The Salty Mermaid Shop in order to keep ingredients from being exposed to unintentional herbs, crystals and other additives from the organic body care line and vice versa.

These kits include absolutely everything you need to successfully and properly cast with your intention well imbued into your spell. Every kit includes the 3 most important basics that other practitioners do not typically include such as...

  • Everything you need to cast a safety circle before practicing.
  • Items for grounding yourself and sending your energy back into the earth as you always should after casting.
  • In depth instructions that include variations to help your spell increase in concentration if needed.

The directions you will receive have been handed down from gen to gen, used multiple times in various situations; the results have been documented, the spells have been improved time and time again - and so on to become the power blast they are today. We expect you to practice self control and to keep these instructions safe, protected and absolutely confidential as they should never be shared under any circumstances in there original form.

If you would like to keep a copy of the spell work and its variations in a safe place to mimic and build on in the future, please do hand write on your own in your Book of Shadows and dispose of the originals as specified in the directions when grounding your spell.

If you do not see a set that fits your needs below, please feel free to use our contact form any time to reach out to Anabella and her team for consultation.

Please keep in mind that we accept all people. Opening our site to "pāgānus," "rural," "rustic," "civilian," etc... is not an official declaration of our individual, overall beliefs or our collective beliefs and practices. Paganism has been an officially recognized religion since 1986 and has been around since at least the 4th century (340 B.C.). We strive only to be open minded to everything that is organic and offer the best options.

Word of caution – if you’re looking for something new to play with and are messing around looking for a good blog post, Instagram pic, adrenaline rush… we HIGHLY suggest taking up baking, jumping out of planes… anything else other than messing with real true magick. If not taken seriously, thought about up front, done with a clear mind, set intentions, performed when not in a rush, etc… the outcome could be not cool.

Essential Magick Collections

Below are our collections of traditional curated spell work kits. Included always are your 3 free inclusions for necessary preparation, levels of energy needed and proper conclusion of spell work to help assure your overall success.

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