Easy DIY Upcycled a-z Organizer

I have over 70 types of herbs on hand at any given time for magick work, probably 40 or more types of crystals and don't even get me started on the wax, colorants, tools, etc... If you've found that you are digging into your stash more often and the dig is becoming more and more time consuming - this is a great free project for you!

You can organize all types of things in this box set up; if you take lots of supplements and they've been falling out of the cabinet when you're digging past everything you don't need to get to your emergency stash of B12; you have regular herbs and spices falling out of your cabinet when you're cooking and trying desperately to find your gourmet poultry seasoning; medication organization... the works! Make life easier by taking 20 minutes to throw one of these together.


  • Box with the top flaps cut off (save these!)
  • Extra box pieces to create your separators (2 pieces the length of your box and 3 pieces the width of your box)
  • Any paper you have laying around; wrapping paper, construction paper, packaging paper, etc...
  • Glue gun
  • 12 toothpicks
  • 1 sheet of printer paper, 1 sheet of printable full page sticker paper or printable sticker label paper size - square 2.125" x 2.125"
Wrap the inside and the outside of your box with your decorative paper and keep in place using the glue gun. You can also wrap your box pieces if you'd like so those are decorative inside as well when you place the insert you are going to make.

With the box pieces, take the 2 length size pieces and measure the piece into 4 individual sections and put a small mark on the 3 sections in the middle of the box piece. Where those 3 marks are, cut a slit half way from the bottom to the middle of the box piece.

With the box pieces that are width sized, measure each piece into 3 even sections and put a small mark on the 2 sections in the middle of the box piece. Where those 2 marks are, cut a slit half way from the top to the middle of the box piece.

Now you can take your length prepped and width prepped pieces and slide them together and you have your inside separator that creates your 12 cubbies. Place your divider inside of your decorated box and glue the toothpicks where you want to mark each section.

Print out the free printable available in this post or feel free to create your own of course! If you are using labels of any kind, once you have your squares just fold them in half over the toothpicks and you're all done. If you are using regular paper, fold each square in half and use a little glue from the glue gun to secure shut and you're all done. And that's it! Happy crafting!

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