How to make an easy free wand at home

This is a fun and easy project to create a wand for real use with your spell work, or to make something REALLY cute that your kids will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to play with. Or hell, something to add a little extra pizazz to your Halloween costume… whatever you desire!
A very common misconception is that to work spells and magick (or to DIY craft at home in general), you have to spend a lot of money. That’s not true at all. The only important thing to always remember, is to use items that you feel something towards. Pick items that carry significance, emotional value and / or any kind of connection for you. When you create items this way, the results are never going to be the same across the board with final looks. In witchcraft, everything should be totally unique because it’s made from your heart and connected to you. There is no such thing as wrong, ugly or “won’t work” if you are following the feeling in your body when you are creating.
Running out and spending $200 on some handcrafted wand made by someone else is all well and good. You can absolutely work your ass off to imbue intention and try to bond with your new piece, no problem. But why go through all of that back end work and toss out all that cash when you can just make something for free from items in your own home? Then boom! You have a powerful connection from the time you start collecting items to put together.

For this particular wand of mine (that I love DEARLY BTW!!!) I used…
  • A black pencil (yeah, just a cool ass black pencil that had been sitting around my home forever soaking up all the energy in it.)
  • Some mod podge
  • A rough untumbled raw crystal from the National Geographic kit I bought forever ago
  • A gold pen
  • A hot glue stick and gun
  • Some jute that I had laying around that I use for gift wrap, sometimes for candle wicks, etc…
The pencil before I whittled off the outside, was covered in this weird trippy multi colored silver stuff. I used a sharp knife and gently scraped all of that off. I cut off the sharpened tip and I cut off the eraser end with the same knife. Then I used a foot file from the bath tub and flattened the ends out a bit so they weren’t so crooked. I used the same foot file to slightly flatten out the end of the crystal I was going to use for the wand tip.
When I was working with the wood, I realized it turned my hands black like crazy so I added a layer of mod podge over the wood and let it dry overnight. Next day, problem solved! I wrote with gold pen, a phrase that carried great significance to me in Latin and then I added one more layer of mod podge and let everything dry again for about 12 hours. Just so I didn’t leave any fingerprints in the mod podge.
Then I finally used the glue gun to add the crystal to the tip of the wand. Then I added a bunch more glue to hold my jute in place where I twisted it around the tip for a beautiful organic visual touch. Then the final thing I did (only because I’m picky), is add a layer of mod podge to the jute to keep all the little hairs totally locked down. They can fray if you are throwing your wand all over the place and it makes me crazy. So I went OCD and locked them down like I would with hair flyways… lol! And that’s it!
Don’t be afraid to get creative! You don’t have to have a crystal at the end of your wand. I have one that has a whole High John root on the end. I love that one too! You can use a mirror at the end, that would be really fricken cool. Especially if it were a bad ass broken shard of a mirror (just keep this one away from your kids because it doubles as a dagger… lol!). You can use yarn for your wrapping… you can engrave in your stick and do away with the mod podge all together. Use a stick from your yard or neighborhood… use a chopstick you’ve had laying around in your home for 3 years in a random drawer. Have fun with it! And a great tip for kids, add the phrase “Sicut pro fabula” – which means “Just for play” – it’s a little extra precaution I take because I can easily accidentally imbue the way my mind wanders when I’m crafting. The last thing I need is my kids cursing each other and levitating the dog… LMAO!

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