Worlds Easiest Candles – DIY Upcycling Project using The Salty Mermaid Packaging!

There is much, much, much more to The Salty Mermaid brand then meets the eye at first glance. When you start digging in, you’ll notice that not one thing we use for our packaging, ingredients, etc… doesn’t have some sort of REALLY rad extra purpose. All of our packaging is recycled, but the best part is the secret items you can use for amazing free projects at home. This is just one of many…

When you order The Salty Mermaid handmade organic Lip Balms and Deodorants, don’t throw the containers away! You can use both to make the most incredible and easy candles you have ever attempted. There are about 500 other things you can do with them, but we’ll focus on candle making today using the finished deodorant tubes!

Before we start, let's talk free. People have so many cool ass things hanging around their houses, like these leftover tubes, and they always feel like they have to go out and buy “X, Y and Z” to do projects like these. Ummmm, no! Use the stuff around your house! You would be shocked if you took deep inventory in your home, how much crap you have sitting around that you don’t use or even like that you can turn into something really badass that you love.

Do you need wax >>> Look around your house… do you have candles that you’ve never used and have just been sitting around collecting dust as a decoration somewhere? Do you have old tea light candles you thought you would use and never did so they are just sitting in a random drawer? Use that wax! I personally broke up about 50 votives I had bought a year ago for a sake serving set I never ended up using. I used the votives to make dozens of candles just a few weeks ago.

Wicks >>> If you don’t have prepped wicks or cotton string, take a look around and see if you have jute, bakers' twine, really old skinny shoe strings (cut the plastic ends off), an old ass poncho rotting in your closet from the 90’s you can steal string from? LMAO! Hey, not judging. I find this kind of stuff all the time… lol!

Essential oils or fragrance oils >>> Dude, use cooking extract! It’s awesome! Most everyone has at least vanilla laying around. Use it! You can also use powdered herbs that have naturally strong scents to scent with like cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg and allspice. Take a sniff around everything in your cabinet – you’re bound to find something.

Herbs >>> I like to add herbs to add a little something extra magicky to my candles. Some common ones I’ll use are basil for money blessings - benzoin, cinnamon and basil for business success – horehound for creativity and inspiration – juniper berries to attract good health – mullein to banish bad habits – coriander to keep migraines away – rosemary to purify my home and remove negativity – devils' claw for protection and to keep away unwanted company – marshmallow root for psychic stimulation and chamomile for money and prosperity. But again, totally optional!

  • 3 empty organic handmade deodorant tubes from The Salty Mermaid plus…
  • The 3 empty organic handmade deodorant tops that come with them
  • 8 ounces of beeswax or soy wax, whichever you prefer
  • 3 pre-prepped wicks or use jute to make your own
  • Any colorants you would like to use (optional)
  • Any herbs you would like to use (optional)
  • Any essential oils or fragrance oils you would like to use (optional)
  • A kitchen funnel

Melt your wax in a microwave safe cup or bowl, in the microwave. I usually do this low and slow. I’ll do a power of 8 and after 3 minutes I’ll give everything a good stir, let it sit for a bit and then I’ll keep doing that in 2 minute intervals until the wax is just melted all the way through. This is a great method because you won’t have to worry about waiting forever for your wax to cool to be able to pour and avoid surface dimpling and cracks. But just in case you do end up with a dimple or crack, I have a tip for that coming up.

At this point, carefully pour in your colorants, essential oils or fragrance oils and any herbs – if you’re using them and give them a thorough stir. Then fill your tubes just under the tippy top. You’ll notice you have a little bit of wax left over, save that! Don’t start washing dishes! You’re going to keep that to fill any dimples or cracks if you get them.

I wait about 10 minutes until I see the wax JUST starting to get less clear, then I place my wicks in. If your wick won’t stay centered, this is when you can use the top of the deodorant tubes to put a spoon balanced on the top and you can reach it over like a little arm to keep your wicks where you want them… LMAO! Hey, it happens!

Then in about 30 minutes, check on your candles. This is the point where if you were going to get any sink holes, dimples or cracks – you’ll know. It will already be well in the process of happening. Just pour a little of your leftover wax right onto the top and fill the candle to the tippy, tippy top of your deodorant tube and this time, they are going to be perfect!

Let them cool for a few hours then walk over and pat yourself on the back for making amazeballs candles all by yourself! Give yourself an extra high five if you upcycled for every part of this recipe cuzzzzzz, that’s awesome! Then just push the deodorant tube up and your candles will flawlessly and easily pop right out and they will be STUNNING! Congrats yo!! Enjoy burning and ummmm... be careful... LOL!

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