Mario and Luigi Handmade DIY Kids Soaps

These were so easy to make and turned out SUPER cute. The kids just loved them. What’s great about this “recipe” is that you can use any toy of your kids, or anything for that matter to mold. My kids just happened to be obsessively playing with these new Mario and Luigi toys that, I’m not sure what you call them. They are reactive with the Lego sets and colors, to touch, etc… they have a little screen on them. They blink and they are too adorable! I guess they remind me of the electronic pets that you took care of back in the day in the little egg shaped, Game Boys?? LOL!

Anyway! You’re going to start with a box of Easy Mold Silicone Putty. I randomly found this stuff at my local Ben Franklin Craft Store and snagged it to give it a try. This product was fantastic! You can use it within 30 minutes. When you want to start and finish a cute project, this is awesome. No overnight setting needed like other silicone mold kits.


  •       8 ounces of clear melt and pour soap base (organic optional)
  •       1 ounce of white melt and pour soap base (organic optional)
  •       Spirulina Powder (or another colorant for green or go colorless)
  •       Paprika Powder (or another colorant for red or go colorless)
  •       Sweet Orange Essential Oil (organic optional, can switch for any other scent or go unscented)
  •       1 pound Easy Mold Silicone Putty Kit (or a mold you already have on hand, another type of kit you prefer, etc…)
  •       Mario and Luigi electronic toys (or anything else you would like to mold)

I mixed part A and part B together (the entire container) and when it was fully incorporated, I pressed in my Mario and Luigi, pulled them back out and left my new perfect mold to set for 30 minutes. Then I took 8 ounces of clear melt and pour organic base and 1 ounce of white melt and pour organic base and slowly melted them in the microwave on medium power; then separated the mixture into 2 separate small bowls.

In one bowl I colored the soap mixture for Mario red and in the other, I colored the soap mixture for Luigi green. I added organic sweet orange essential oil to both. I usually layer my essential oil blends so they have base, top and middle notes – but for the kids, I wanted to go simple and towards sweet and / or fruity. Kids like that stuff.

Then I just poured into the molds, let them cool for an hour – removed and 6 hours later it was bath time! They were put in use that first night and the kids were totes thrilled.

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