Hi! I'm Courtney...

Welcome to my little space. I originally started this site as a way to keep friends and family updated consistently after our move from the east coast to the mid-west. I'm still attempting to keep everything current after our second big move from the mid-west to Hawai'i. I've gone through a ton of construction over time trying time and time again, to create a place where I can mingle my personal interests and my business interests and this is it so far...

You'll find a little bit of everything here >>> interactive reads, games, DIY tutorials, bath and body recipes, foodie recipes, green living recipes, tips and tricks... >>> I'm a self taught baker, cook, dabbler in chemistry and DIY'er. If you're into food, wine, health and fitness, photography, unique shopping and all things fun, then you've come to the right place!

This blog is also a place to learn about the happy family behind our brands; M&HN, Shaka Soap Shack, The Salty Mermaid, The Bearded Mermaid and so on!  You'll find a mix of family photos, updates, videos and shop updates, intertwined with all the goodies mentioned above.

The Family Story.

We're a constantly growing family of eleven - hubby {Jaime}, twin boys {Parker and Eli}, me {CourtneyJo} and then roll in the pets! Four Chinchillas, 2 adorable mice and a HUGE dog.

Jaime and I met about two decades ago at a party and didn't realize it until we had been dating for years. We met, exchanged a wink from him and a hefty eye roll from me, forgot...way down the road we were working together. We became friends, and sure enough, over time fate turned our friendship to a relationship and love grew. We were married much later in a tree house in Costa Rica.

Fast forward a few more years and it's us, our twin boys, a ridiculous amount of pets {I want more!!}, living in Hawai'i, our businesses, my husband's career, a lot of mishaps, craziness and fun!


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