The Salty Mermaid

Unity, support and strength for all people...

The Salty Mermaid brand represents unity, support and strength for all people…

Janie and I met about 15 years ago at a little company we were working for back in Virginia and it was love at first sight. It was one of those instantaneous things where you totally recognize yourself in another person; just instantly with one look. We’re both odd balls. We’re both full of energy; extremely smart and analytical but also creative. We can do 15 things at the same exact time and give 100% to all 15 simultaneously and we can do it 10 times faster than the average person. So of course over the years, we’ve both run into situations where we’ve been overworked and used while sadly, also being verbally abused, underpaid and treated less than human in some situations. Between the two of us, we might possibly have one handful of people we’ve worked for that saw our potential and gave appreciation and compensation in amounts close to equal in comparison to what we give.

So here we were in Hawai’i, back in each other’s lives again all the way from the east coast after almost a two-decade span; and we had our last toss around. Both Janie and I had very successful brands in the past that still live on to this day. We decided to pack up our things, go home and hone in on the way we support and care for each other to launch a brand that can help spread that nurturing environment to other people outside of our small group.

The Salty Mermaid is a brand that represents unity for all people; every ethnicity, culture, sub-culture, gender; all personality types and even excepting, loving and the unifying the light and dark sides of ourselves. We all have dual personalities. The entire Salty Mermaid brand, the insignias, the artwork that was created here locally in Hawai’i, all represent this mass unification and support system. We think that all people should come together no matter who or what we are and just love each other for exactly who and what we are; care for each other, support, and fight for each other. No judgement: no trying to change each other. Janie and I have this saying, “the no judgement zone.” There is never any judgement with us; we take everything on with an open heart and lots of humor.

We also wanted to make sure we created a completely organic brand so we can take care of our bodies. Nothing is more infuriating then buying a product that has a colorant in it and, yeah great; it’s purple. Purple doesn’t do anything for us. But if you swap it out for ground purple sweet potato powder, all the sudden you have your color, but you also have a heavy dose of beta-carotene and a ton of anthocyanin pigments, which act as antioxidants. All the sudden your “color” helps to reduce inflammation and boosts your immune system. Purple sweet potatoes have about three times more anthocyanins than the average blueberry. I mean, how great is that!?

It’s amazing to have things that are visually attractive and smell amazing, but also energize you, tone your skin, boost your mood, purify your lymphatic system. Every single ingredient in the entire Salty Mermaid line down to the tiniest seed spec on the top of a soap, has a very particular benefit and are absolutely intentional.

We all wear many hats in our lives; we’re mothers, we’re wives, fathers, best friends, girlfriends, boyfriends – we work. We get so busy; we need to make sure that we take the time to take care of ourselves and to take care of each other. We need to come together to create strength in unity and take care of our bodies so we can be healthier, stronger, quicker and take life by the reins together.


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